Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff in Success Story
May 16, 2024

Thanks to Narconon, I Reclaim My Life

As I stand here today, I am no longer afraid of what the future holds; in fact, I cannot wait to go back into the world and reclaim my life. I know the battle doesn’t end here, but you have given me the tools to make sure that I’ll always be victorious when I fight the good fight of reclaiming my life. Thank you for taking the time to understand me and guide me.


Editorial Staff in Success Story
May 14, 2024

New Beginnings: Success Stories from Narconon Africa Graduates

I remember coming to Narconon on the 3rd of January. I was a completely different person. However, after completing Withdrawal, Detox, Objectives, and Life Skills, I can safely say that I am a better person, and I am fully equipped to go back into the big bad world and lead a productive drug- and alcohol-free life. I can’t wait to practise what I have learnt.


Editorial Staff in Narconon Centres
December 30, 2023

Narconon Africa – Bringing Effective Solutions and Hope to an Entire Continent with the Opening of a New Center

Building a path to leading drug-free lives through a holistic approach. Narconon International opens a new substance abuse rehabilitation center in Rustenburg, North West, with members of the community and officials actively participating.