Narconon Africa – Bringing Effective Solutions and Hope to an Entire Continent with the Opening of a New Center

December 30, 2023 • Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Building a path to leading drug-free lives through a holistic approach.

Narconon Africa Grand Opening

Narconon International opens a new substance abuse rehabilitation center in Rustenburg, North West, with members of the community and officials actively participating. The drug-free rehabilitation program was welcomed by the community as a vital alternative to the growing problem of addiction in the country.


The grand opening was a full house, with more than 1,600 guests and dignitaries in attendance. This included BRICS representatives, religious leaders, local celebrities, North West local government officials, the Department of Education, the Department of Health, and the Department of Social Development. The attendees celebrated this new center and applauded its drug-free program model with a history of successfully addressing the revolving door of drug consumption and abuse.

The Narconon program pushes beyond the short-term rehabilitation process. In addition to addressing the residues of drugs that lead to drug cravings through the Narconon New Life Detoxification, life skills development classes are offered to empower the program participants and help them build a path towards a healthier, more productive and fulfilling life.

Program participants are provided with practical tools that address the source of why they began abusing drugs and how to overcome the negative influences and trigger points in their environment.

Drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm, with 15 percent of South Africa’s population suffering from direct abuse. According to SAPS figures, 60 percent of crimes nationally are related to substance abuse.

South Africa has been dubbed as one of the drug capitals of the world by the United Nations. Opening this Narconon center in Rustenburg is one of the many steps needed to alleviate this life-threatening issue in our country.

In 2021, the former head of National Disaster Management described the drug crisis in South Africa as a National Disaster. Millions of South African youth are under the deathly grips of drugs and battle their addictions daily, with too many losing their lives.

The CEO of SASSA, Ms. Busisiwe Totsie Memela, one of the guest speakers, was overjoyed to see this center open, as she detailed her first-hand encounter with the violent consequences of drugs in her address to the guests present.

“I am passionate about effective workable solutions to combat drug addiction. I have seen firsthand what drugs do to a family unit and I don’t want any family to experience that. This center represents hope to the millions of families out there struggling with this nationwide pandemic.”
—CEO of SASSA, Ms. Busisiwe Totsie Memela

She said, “I am passionate about effective workable solutions to combat drug addiction. I have seen firsthand what drugs do to a family unit and I don’t want any family to experience that. This center represents hope to the millions of families out there struggling with this nationwide pandemic.”

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Narconon Africa

The new facility sits on more than 200 acres of game land with an impressive collection of over 200 different animals ranging from giraffes to zebras. The center aims to offer its services to the entire continent. In addition to facilities for delivering the Narconon program, the center also offers training facilities for training staff of other rehabs who are interested in opening new Narconon centers in South Africa and other countries in the continent.

The treatment center, located in the platinum capital of the world, Rustenburg, is part of a global force dedicated to addressing the scourge of addiction.

The Narconon program is a global leader in holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation due to its attention to physical wellbeing, social support, life skills development and aftercare.

For more than half a century, the Narconon program has offered an effective drug-free method of recovery around the globe. The program not only addresses the mental and physical destruction brought about by drug abuse, but it also addresses the reasons why an individual turned to drugs in the first place.

Narconon Africa brings a global network of expertise in the field of rehabilitation and drug education. The opening of this facility brings hope to the many families affected by substance abuse.

Thousands of Narconon program graduates globally have gone on to lead drug-free, productive lives. South Africa and other nations of the continent can now benefit from the Narconon program.


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