Narconon is completely different

I felt like I had a million problems that I was never going to be able to handle.

I was depressed and I was pretty angry. I’ve created a lot of friction between me and my family and some of my friends.

Addicts and alcoholics, we like to have pity parties and say, “Woe is me and I can’t do it.”

I was just tired of messing around. I’m going in and out of 12-step rehabs and I knew I needed something long-term.

I saw a friend of the family, he knew I was getting high and stuff and he was like, “I’m going to show you some stuff that is going to save your life.”

I’m like, all right, he’s got some new drug or something that can help me get by. And he starts telling me about Narconon.

I’ve been to seven rehabs and Narconon is just completely different.

There are no medications in Narconon like there is in other rehabs. You don’t get put on psych drugs, sleep meds. You’re finding stuff out for yourself instead of having some psychiatrist or psychologist tell you what’s wrong with you.

Sauna [New Life Detox]was probably the biggest one because when you’re at a regular rehab, you’re craving drugs by the end of your taper and you’re ready to leave. You feel like crap. Everything around you just feels doom and gloom.

So doing sauna, it’s like hitting the reset button. I come out, I feel like a regular human being again. I’m able to carry out everyday tasks.

My racing thoughts had gone down a lot. All my anxiety went down and when I was done, you know, the cravings were gone.

I have like an energy about me, I feel healthy, I feel great, I’m able to handle problems on a daily basis.

I was a scrub, I was a scab, man. And now I’m actually helping these people get clean and get off drugs and I’ve gone through exactly what they’ve gone through. And I see them sometimes and they feel like that they’re not gonna be able to climb out of this hole.

And I know they can do it and to just be able to talk to somebody and help them through a problem makes me feel good.

Something my dad told me, he was like, “If you help one person stay clean, you’ve done your job.” And I’ve already done that. So, my future looks great, man. Because I know I can really do whatever I want to do now.

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